"Valerie Chereskin is one of the most knowledgeable and conscientious PR people around."

Fortune Magazine
Chereskin Communications is one of my favorite referral resources for emerging tech companies seeking thorough marketing support. I can recommend them without reservations for any project!"

TYLER ORION, Board Member
Chereskin Communicatons is relentless in pursuing every possible publicity opportunity. She focuses on PR strategies that impact the success of our business.

BRUCE MOELLER, former President and CEO
DriveCam, Inc. (now Lytx, Inc.)
The Chereskin PR team quickly put me in touch with the right people, provided great images, and got me the information I needed to write the story.

Occupational Health & Safety Magazine
Chereskin Communications always gives 100%, and consistently provides valuable input for increasing the impact of corporate communications – whether it is writing collateral material or winning media visibility.

ROBIN PRATT, Communications Manager
We feel honored that an emerging company like Palomar was featured in Fortune magazine. This would not have happened without the Chereskin team's persistence.

KEVIN CONLON, former President
Palomar Technologies
  • In-depth understanding of marketing, sales and business objectives

    (we’ve been there, done that)
    In addition to public relations, our team has worked in sales, marketing and management. We’ve been in your position and understand your business communication challenges.

  • Real world, front line tech experience

    (from FPGA’s to Cloud Computing)
    We live, eat and breath technology and love to learn about the latest gadgets and gizmos. But, more importantly, we understand how technology can transform an industry.

  • Quick to respond, with less talk, more action

    (call us anytime)
    By being responsive, we are first to seize great opportunities for our clients. We also believe in being honest and transparent, so our clients always know what we are doing for them.

  • Creative content that is accurate, engaging and influential

    (with no BS)
    We don’t believe in using flowery or overly-promotional content. Just give people the facts and make it easy for them to understand your message.

  • Adaptive and flexible

    (we turn around on a dime)
    We don’t have a big bureaucracy or a lot of overhead, so we can change direction easily and respond quickly to your immediate needs.

  • Clear ROI

    (web site hits, media mentions, sales leads, market influence, and more)
    We know that clear communication provides a return on investment because our clients tell us… and their success is the proof.

Let Chereskin Communications help you get in front of stakeholders, influence potential customers, build a credible reputation and clearly differentiate you from your competition.